Installation Services

From the east to the west coast with over 700 installations under our belt, we would take pride in yours being our next one.

We have highly trained installation technicians who provide installation services that include 3 point security hardware installation, which secures artwork to the wall to prevent damage or theft. We also have done installations of ceiling suspended sculptures, requiring technician operated equipment. Other types of installations available include 2 point, 4 point, gallery hanging systems, sculpture pedestals, signage, environmental graphic walls, and dimensional wall sculptures.

We are insured for up to $4 million dollars in business liability insurance, allowing us to handle most any healthcare facility need. We pride ourselves on safety, and have not had an insurance or injury claim since opening for business. Contact us to confirm that our insurance meets the requirements for your installation service needs.

Full Installation Services Include:
  • Partnering with us as an extension of your firm’s facility department to accomplish needs that can’t be handled internally
  • Establishing project budgets and providing formal estimates when requested
  • Benefiting from packaging, crating, and transportation of visual communication solutions to your specified location
  • Supervised installations at your specified location
  • Ensuring your satisfaction through follow-up conversations
  • Providing Care & Maintenance services for installations
  • Providing monthly or quarterly installation service programs for your ongoing service needs